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Hey I’m Gia Fey. I began my career as a personal trainer, working with clients to achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health. In 2012, as I developed my skills in the fitness industry, I discovered a love for creating content that inspired and motivated others. I soon found myself being interviewed on television about how I used social media to grow my business. Through the last 10 years, I have worked with top multi-million dollar brands, helping them develop and execute content strategies that engaged their audiences and drove growth.

I love creative communication and I started my own social media consultant business, offering content creation and social media services to those just starting out on their social media journey. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience to help others find their voice and build their brands through authentic, impactful content. I believe that everyone has a unique message and story to share with the world, and I'm passionate about helping people discover and amplify their voices.

About us...

We are a Latino-owned boutique social media strategy consultancy. We strive to be a positive influence by centering the voices and needs of the people who drive your organization’s mission. We do this through research, strategic impact planning, and creative communications.

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You + Social Media

No matter where you're at in your social media journey, I can help you move forward with confidence, strategy or full management to build your online presence.

You + Life

Uncover, unlearn stories you've been carrying around for decades and finally come home to yourself.

You + Fitness

Make most of your workouts, create new healthy habits that will help you create a body and life you're in love with.